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Note: Download our info package HERE . Specialty Caravans are coming in Spring 2019 (Airstream and LGBQT Community trips - use contact form for info)

ALERT ! As of August 16th, 2017, we have only 1 vacancy on our Spring Yucatan trip. This is also the case for the Spring 2019 Yucatan trip

2017 / 2018 Season RV Tours

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Escape Winter, book now for the trip of a lifetime with our Mexico RV Caravan Tours . Caravanas de Mexico & Vagabundos del Mar can offer you better prices on RV Tours, as we are not only the most experienced supplier of RV tours to Mexico, we are also a registered RV Caravan company licensed to operate anywhere in Mexico. (see Certification document). We know more about Mexico than any other RV Caravan company. Caravanas de Mexico organizes tours and logistics for many other RV Caravans operators. We live in Mexico, and we know Mexico. We target both Snowbirds who want longer RV tours, and those who only have a few weeks to spare. For the 2017/2018 season we are offering a Yucatan / West Coast grand circle RV Caravan Tour and a 30 day Copper Canyon/Mazatlan RV Tour We have several longer term stay over options available.

Our Yucatan RV Caravan tours are proving very popular and you need to book early for these

On our Yucatan RV Caravan tours we also visit some more obscure Mayan ruins that hardly anyone else goes to, but are still impressive.


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Why a Mexico Caravan?

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We offer longer fully escorted RV Caravan Tours down to the Yucatan and the west coast. Traveling with others is safer. Our trips feature both city and beach camping, plus an opportunity to explore Mexico’s spectacular Copper Canyon on some of our caravans (all inclusive included). We usually try to include one of Mexico’s wonderful carnival celebrations.

Our RV Caravan Tours usually depart from either Nogales, Arizona or Laredo Texas. Depending on Wagon Master availability, there may be an option to exit at either Texas or Arizona for some of our tours. All Tours & RV park fees are included, along with many high class meals. Many of our customers end up returning on their own to a favorite spot they discovered on our caravans.

We are licensed to legally do many of our own tours rather than having to contract them out. We also give great deals for repeat customers, See here.

We do have some very flexible options for those who wish to do partial trips or customized trips, etc. We will take people who have mobility problems but we have to know what they are and determine if they are able to do some or all of our tours. We will discount them for tours we feel they cannot do.



Our Pricing Policies

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Note: Our prices are per rig based on 2 people. Prices include RV parks, a lot of meals and tours. There is a reduction for singles and a surcharge for 3 or more. It is is possible to go down in Fall and come back in Spring. See pricing.

Our Pricing policy:

We fix our prices in both US Dollars and Canadian dollars in April each year and stick to those prices once a deposit is made, despite currency swings. You pay in your own currency and are protected against exchange rate changes. We are the only company, American or Canadian, that set prices in both currencies.

I have had comments from customers on previous RV Caravans I have led, about how we can do these trips at these prices. That is despite the fact they felt they were expensive at first glance. When they experience the quality of the RV Caravans, they soon realize what a bargain they are. The answer is that we keep advertising expenses low, and we can get better prices than Gringo based companies and do not have to contract out for services. We are affiliated with Vagabundos del Mar RV Club in California. All money is transferable to a future trip if you have to cancel.